Take Me Camping NC

This year we are all about getting outdoors! We’ve partnered with Black Folks Camp Too to help build a more inclusive and equitable outdoors in North Carolina. Camping is one of the most inexpensive ways to take a family vacation, we encourage more families to build memories and strengthen family bonds. 

Whether you are going on a camping trip that has been long anticipated or simply heading out for an impromptu weekend in the woods, you will find the benefits far outweigh the minor inconveniences. Taking children camping creates lifelong memories while helping them become stronger people, ready to face adversity and enjoy simplicities.

We want you to share your camping memories and stories with us. 

Post a camping picture and share with us why you want to go camping and tag @ncculture on social media with #TakeMeCampingNC and we will feature your story on our social media channels. 

Camping Benefits

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Regardless of age or culture, people find nature a place to reset. Your body responds just as positively to natural surroundings as your mind does. You receive an immune system boost from breathing the fresh air, as well as lowering of blood pressure, reduction of stress, and improvement to mood. Children especially benefit from the increased ability to focus that is granted by looking at features of nature such as plants, water, and wildlife.

Knowledge grants a sense of power over the surroundings. Children should learn fire safety, how to build a fire, what plants are edible and which ones will have unpleasant effects when eaten or even touched, basic outdoor safety, and other skills unique to the camping experience.

Learning skills and new abilities to survive in the wilderness helps build self-esteem. To build self-confidence, children can be exposed to varied environments. Camping exposes you and your children to new adventures and challenges.

Technology does have a prevalence of benefits, and you cannot deny children all forms of it. But getting out and away from the internet is an excellent step toward a healthy balance.


Camping, while enjoyable, is a challenging experience, and shared challenges form bonds and memories to last a lifetime. Families can often disconnect from each other because of having to lead busy and separate lives. Camping provides a space to reconnect and talk with each other. 

Camping can teach children to respect the nature that is around them and to slow down and appreciate it more.