Artists: Todd Frahm and Lara Nguyen of Stone Cloud Studio

Like humans, Canadian geese are migratory. The Town of Marshall is made up of multi-generational families and transplants who choose to make Marshall their home. Round The Bend depicts the beautiful black and white Geese in flight with a woven landscape below that honors the Western North Carolina traditions of weaving and quilting. Some humans migrate due to a lack of work or to escape a war-torn country. My family fled worn-torn Vietnam in 1975, leaving behind family heirlooms. Growing up in the Midwest, I longingly stared at quilts displayed on the walls at friends’ houses or the ones that adorned their beds. As a child, I longed for my own quilt. I found a partner in life that was birthed by a quilter. Now my house is filled with quilts and coverlets and in my extended and married family, I have found a home.


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13 S. Main St
Marshall, NC 28753