Artists: Andrew Wilson + Sarah McCartan

Hand in Hand Creative, artists Andrew Wilson + Sarah McCartan, were chosen to create a large-scale mural in downtown Windsor. After several months of participatory community engagement, the artists created a beautiful image of residents coming together in play, unity and hope, with text that reads, “More hands than my own to lift a story of home.” 

Lift tells the collective story of home, community and connection in Windsor and surrounding Bertie County. It started with a parachute — a kinetic, vibrant symbol of support and unity. A parachute only lifts off the ground with others in the circle. Artists Andrew and Sarah McWilson, in partnership with the Bertie County Arts Council, hosted community events to bring residents together to play parachute games, share stories, doodle and paint. Many individuals participated by leaving their own mark in the layers of paint of the mural. As the text reads: “More hands than my own to lift a story of home.” It is the artists’ hope that between the image, the words, and the marriage of the two, anyone can find themselves in the living story.

122 E. Granville Street
Windsor, NC 27983