Artist: Gabriel Eng-Goetz

Artist Gabriel Eng-Goetz was again chosen to create a mural for the city of Columbia, the county seat of Tyrell County. Columbia sits on the Scuppernong River and is bordered on the north by one of the East Coast’s largest estuarine systems. The mural celebrates the flora and fauna of the region and occupies a prominent downtown wall adjacent to the Pocosin Arts School of Fine Craft. Pocosin Arts and their Contemporary Craft Gallery is a popular destination for residents, artists and tourists.

Artist Gabriel Eng-Goetz’s vibrant mural features significant species of flora and fauna that exist harmoniously in the Scuppernong River, Alligator River and Albemarle Sound ecosystem. These species include pitcher plants, scuppernong grapes, egrets, river otters, blue crabs, sunfish and dragonflies. Subtle human elements are included as well -- crabbing rope, coastal homes and a Carolina Ski-- representing the lifestyle and livelihoods of Tyrrell County. The agriculture, fishing and crabbing industries have thrived for generations, transcending cultural demographics to provide sustenance and income for Tyrrell County residents. The economy is shifting to include ecotourism, and the correlation between healthy, natural habitat and economic opportunity remains strongly interconnected. The bold mix of color, organic imagery and storytelling details combine to invite the viewer to experience and learn about what makes this unique corner of North Carolina so special and why its culture and natural resources must be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

201 Main Street
Columbia, NC 27925