Topics Related to Forsyth County

Est. 1948 here as first local historic district in N.C. Prototype for state’s local historic preservation laws.

Strike by leaf workers, mostly black & female, June 17, 1943, 1/2 mile W., led to seven years of labor & civil rights activism by Local 22.

On Dec. 27, 1752, survey for Moravian settlement began near here. Bishop August Spangenberg led frontier expedition that selected 98,985 acres.

Moravian settlers in 1772 founded a school for girls, now a liberal arts college & academy. Campus is 1/2 mi. N.E.

Volunteer service group promoted suffrage, education, and other social, cultural causes. Founded 1902 one-half mi. SE.

Founded Slater Academy, now Winston-Salem State Univ.; president, 1892-1904, 1913-34. Religious and community leader. Lived one block west.

Pres. George Washington visited Moravian town of Salem and spent the night of May 31, 1791, at tavern ½ mile north.

Banker. Economic adviser to post-World War II Europe. A founder of the Research Triangle Park. Home was 50 yds. W.

Est. 1963; opened 1965. First state-supported school for performing arts in U.S. A campus of The University of North Carolina since 1971.

Founder of R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. In 1875 built his first factory in Winston. Grave 1 block E.