Topics Related to Forsyth County

Begun in 1834 by John Nissen. By 1919, fifty wagons a day were produced. Sold in 1925. Was located here.

First producer of hydroelectric power in North Carolina, April 20, 1898. Located 3 mi. S.W. at early ferry crossing.

Frontier road from Pennsylvania to Georgia in 18th century. A major avenue for settlers of the N.C. backcountry. Passed near here.

Est. by Methodists ca. 1782. Annual Conferences held here in 1789, 1790, & 1791 by Bishop Asbury. Site was 400 yards N.W.

Oldest German Baptist (Dunker) congregation in North Carolina. Est. ca. 1775 near Muddy Creek, one mile south.

Moravian. Begun in 1759, organized in 1773; first church and school built in 1769. Third structure, 1825; located 1.6 mi. W.

Built 1917 by Katharine, R.J. Reynolds ½ mi. N. on 1,000-acre model farm. Now museum of American art. Farm was donated to Wake Forest University.

Invented in 1898 one of the first successful automatic cigarette machines. Workshop was 3 blocks east, home 614 W. Fifth St.

Lutheran. Begun about 1778 by German settlers. Formerly called "Old Dutch Meeting House." Present building, 1878.

Founded 1834 in Wake County by N.C. Baptist Convention. Moved to Winston-Salem in 1956.