Duties of NCLHA Executive Board Members

What are the expectations and responsibilities of a North Carolina Literary and Historical Association (NCLHA, Association, or “Lit and Hist”) executive board member?

Per the NCLHA Constitution, Lit and Hist board members must be paid members of the Association. If not members upon election to the board, they will be asked to join at a minimum of the Individual annual membership level.

Per the NCLHA Constitution, board members serve a three-year term, beginning and ending at the conclusion of the fall annual meeting at which their membership is approved by Association membership vote. There are no limits on the number of terms board members may serve.

Per the NCLHA Constitution, board members serve: (1) to foster the interest of North Carolinians in the literature, history, arts, and natural resources of the Tar Heel State; (2) to encourage productive literary activity within the State, and to assist in bringing to public attention meritorious works by North Carolina writers; (3) to promote broad and varied activities in the fields of state and local history; (4) to promote and encourage broad and varied activities in the arts in North Carolina; (5) to serve as a medium for the constructive exchange of ideas among persons dedicated to the permanent well-being of North Carolina; (6) and to cooperate so far as is practicable with other organizations in North Carolina whose purposes are similar to the purposes of this Association. These requirements include but are not limited to offering ideas on potential award nominees; serving on Association awards committees; and conducting outreach to solicit Association members, annual meeting speakers, and potential board members.

In addition, Lit and Hist board members must be responsive to communications with Office of Archives and History staff, who oversee board meeting arrangements, facilitate Association activities, and oversee general Association logistics; and board members must make every reasonable effort to attend all meetings of the board, typically two regular meetings per year (usually May and September) plus the annual meeting and awards ceremony (usually November).

Lit and Hist values the demonstrable interest of executive board members in their realm of personal experience, and leans strongly upon the interests, insights, and passions of each of its board members in the organization’s mission to promote the deep and resonant excellence that defines the rich literary and historical culture of the Old North State.