Past Officers

The past officers of the N.C. Literary and Historical Association are listed below. The table is searchable and sortable by any of the fields listed.

No session was held in 1910.  Two sessions were held in 1911. The first was held on January 12 with officers named for 1909-1911 below. The second session was held on November 27 and 28 with officers listed for 1911 below.

Secretary-Treasurer Year President
Alex J. Field, Daniel H. Hill (roles wered divided) 1900-1901 Walter Clark
Alex J. Field, George S. Fraps (roles wered divided) 1901-1903 Henry G. Connor
Clarenece Poe 1903 William L. Poteat
Clarenece Poe 1903-1904 C. Alphonso Smith
Clarenece Poe 1904-1905 Robert W. Winston
Clarenece Poe 1905-1906 Charles B. Aycock (Aycock did not attend the meeting, and Henry G. Connor presided)
Clarenece Poe 1906-1907 William D. Pruden (Pruden died in office and Alfred M. Scales served thereafter)
Clarenece Poe 1907-1908 Robert Bingham
Clarenece Poe 1908-1909 Junius Davis
Clarenece Poe 1909-1911 Platt D. Walker
Clarenece Poe 1911 Edward K. Graham
Clarenece Poe 1911-1912 Robert D. W. Connor
R. D. W. Connor 1912-1913 William P. Few
R. D. W. Connor 1913-1914 Archibald Henderson
R. D. W. Connor 1914-1915 Clarence Poe
R. D. W. Connor 1915-1916 Howard E. Rondthaler
R. D. W. Connor 1916-1917 Henry A. London
R. D. W. Connor 1917-1919 James Sprunt
R. D. W. Connor 1918 [Meeting cancelled because of flu epidemic]
R. D. W. Connor 1919-1920 J. G. deRoulhac Hamilton
Robert B. House 1920-1921 Daniel H. Hill
Robert B. House 1921-1922 William K. Boyd
Robert B. House 1922-1923 Adelaide L. Fries
Robert B. House 1923-1924 Walter C. Jackson
Robert B. House 1924-1925 Frederick H. Koch
Robert B. House 1925-1926 Thomas M. Pittman
Albert Ray Newsome 1926-1927 Josephus Daniels
Albert Ray Newsome 1927-1928 Charles L. Coon (James Boyd served most of the term because Coon died shortly after his election)
Albert Ray Newsome 1928-1929 H. M. Wagstaff
Albert Ray Newsome 1929-1930 Horace Kephart
Albert Ray Newsome 1930-1931 Bishop Joseph Blount Cheshire
Albert Ray Newsome 1931-1932 George W. Paschal
Albert Ray Newsome 1932-1933 J. Fred Rippy
Albert Ray Newsome 1933-1934 Frank P. Graham
C. Christopher Crittenden 1934-1935 Joseph M. McConnell (Phillips Russell served after McConnell died in May 1935)
C. Christopher Crittenden 1935-1936 William T. Polk
C. Christopher Crittenden 1936-1937 William Thomas Laprade
C. Christopher Crittenden 1937-1938 Jonathan Daniels
C. Christopher Crittenden 1938-1939 Albert Ray Newsome
C. Christopher Crittenden 1939-1940 Struthers Burt
C. Christopher Crittenden 1940-1941 William T. Couch
C. Christopher Crittenden 1941-1942 Hubert A. Royster
C. Christopher Crittenden 1942-1943 Paul Green
C. Christopher Crittenden 1943-1944 Hubert M. Poteat
C. Christopher Crittenden 1944-1945 Aubrey L. Brooks
C. Christopher Crittenden (Mrs. Ernest A. Branch served as acting-secretary) 1945-1946 Robert B. House
C. Christopher Crittenden (Mrs. Ernest A. Branch served as acting-secretary) 1946-1947 Carlyle Campbell
C. Christopher Crittenden 1947-1948 Alice M. Baldwin
C. Christopher Crittenden 1948-1949 William T. Bost
C. Christopher Crittenden 1949-1950 Charles S. Sydnor
C. Christopher Crittenden 1950-1951 Robert Lee Humber
C. Christopher Crittenden 1951-1952 Frontis W. Johnston
C. Christopher Crittenden 1952-1953 Frontis W. Johnston
C. Christopher Crittenden 1953-1954 Inglis Fletcher
C. Christopher Crittenden 1954-1955 Fletcher M. Green
C. Christopher Crittenden 1955-1956 Gilbert T. Stephenson
C. Christopher Crittenden 1956-1957 Gilbert T. Stephenson
C. Christopher Crittenden 1957-1958 Daniel J. Whitener
C. Christopher Crittenden 1958-1959 Richard Walser
C. Christopher Crittenden 1959-1960 Hugh T. Lefler
C. Christopher Crittenden 1960-1961 Bernice Kelly Harris
C. Christopher Crittenden 1961-1962 Chalmers G. Davidson
C. Christopher Crittenden 1962-1963 Henry Belk
C. Christopher Crittenden 1963-1964 James W. Patton
C. Christopher Crittenden 1964-1965 Glenn Tucker
C. Christopher Crittenden 1965-1966 Richard L. Watson, Jr.
C. Christopher Crittenden 1966-1967 Gertrude S. Carraway
C. Christopher Crittenden 1967-1968 James S. Ferguson
C. Christopher Crittenden (died before annual meeting in 1969) 1968-1969 Holt McPherson
Houston G. Jones 1969-1970 Joseph F. Steelman
Houston G. Jones 1970-1971 Bruce E. Whitaker
Houston G. Jones 1971-1972 William S. Powell
Houston G. Jones 1972-1973 Frank Borden Hanes
Houston G. Jones 1973-1974 Henry S. Stroupe
Houston G. Jones 1974-1975 Margaret Harper
Memory F. Mitchell 1975-1976 Houston G. Jones
Memory F. Mitchell 1976-1977 Sam Ragan
Larry E. Tise 1977-1978 Sarah M. Lemmon
Larry E. Tise 1978-1979 Suzanne Britt Jordan
Larry E. Tise 1979-1980 Edward W. Phifer, Jr. (J. Edwin Hendricks took over after Phifer died in 1980)
William S. Price (Larry E. Tise was elected in 1980, but did not serve during the year) 1980-1981 J. Edwin Hendricks
William S. Price 1981-1982 Shelby Stephenson
William S. Price 1982-1983 Ann T. Moore
William S. Price 1983-1984 James B. Hemby, Jr.
William S. Price 1984-1985 John L. Bell, Jr.
Jeffrey J. Crow 1985-1986 Roy Parker, Jr.
Jeffrey J. Crow 1986-1987 George P. Antone
Jeffrey J. Crow 1987-1989 W. Keats Sparrow (Two consecutive terms served)
Jeffrey J. Crow 1989-1991 Thomas C. Parramore
Jeffrey J. Crow 1991-1993 Doris W. Betts
Jeffrey J. Crow 1993-1995 Elizabeth F. Buford
Jeffrey J. Crow 1995-1997 Willis P. Whichard
Jeffrey J. Crow 1997-1999 Lee Smith
Jeffrey J. Crow 1999-2001 S. Gerald Arnold
Jeffrey J. Crow 2001-2003 Jerry C. Cashion
Jeffrey J. Crow 2003-2005 James W. Clark
Jeffrey J. Crow 2005-2007 Robert Anthony
Jeffrey J. Crow 2007-2009 Margaret Bauer
Jeffrey J. Crow 2009-2011 Joe A. Mobley
T. Kevin Cherry 2014-2016 Monika Fleming
T. Kevin Cherry 2016-2017 Christopher Oakley
T. Kevin Cherry 2018-2019 Georgann Eubanks