Topics Related to Women's History

Pioneer female physician. Gained national reputation from work at Cornell medical clinic, 1922-1970. Born 2/10 mile N.

Established by local planters, later operated by Methodist Church. Building was 150 yds. W.

Was first female chief justice of N.C. Supreme Court, elected in 1974. First female superior court judge & associate justice. Lived 3 blks. W.

First female college president in N.C., Greensboro College, 1902-1913. Was Advocate for education. Her grave is 1 mile N.

Early female commercial pilot. Joined the British Air Transport Auxiliary during WWII. Died in plane crash, 1943. Her grave is 75 yards NE.

Advocate for extending voting rights to women, 1920; reformer active in labor, race, Jewish causes. Home was here.

Writer and advocate of women's rights. Helped organize N.C. Federation of Women's Clubs, 1902. Lived one mile south.

On December 31, 1900, renowned sculptor Selma Burke was born in Mooresville.

On December 28, 1976, legislator and U.S. comptroller general Lindsay Warren died.

On December 24, 1937, writer and cultural leader Mary Van Landingham died in Charlotte.