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North Carolina General Statutes 121 and 132 direct our agency to provide and administer records management services to state and local government and to public colleges and universities. We fulfill that mandate through the Government Services Section of the State Archives. By issuing guidance and best practice documents, creating records retention schedules and providing workshops, online tutorials and other forms of training to state and local officials, the Government Services Section leads record management efforts in North Carolina.

The resources covered below are geared toward records managers and other employees across various state and local agencies who help us do this important to work to preserve North Carolina history and ensure transparency in government. If you're looking for help on preserving papers in your family's collections, try the conservation assistance section of our site and if you're interested in doing general research at the State Archives, check out the Archives' information for general visitors.

A Vast Array of Resources from the State Archives

Looking for a specific policy or document? Start with the box to the right, where we've called out four of the most requested documents.

Want advice on how to best preserve digital resources or need an overview of the laws and regulations that cover the practice of public records management? The State Archives and State Library have grouped policies, best practices documents, training materials and other tools together around certain subject areas and by type. Check out the tiles below to start exploring what they have to offer.

Keep in mind the resources highlighted here are just a subset of the materials and services offered by the State Archives. Visit the For Government section of the State Archives website for more.

Visit the Government Records Section’s Website

Need Help?

Looking for a specific document, retention schedule or policy? Need guidance on how to handle a certain type of record? The staff of the Government Records Section is here to help. Both a staff directory and a list of frequently asked questions covering everything from the definition of a public record to how authorized records should destroyed are available on the section's website.