American Indian Programs and Resources

Column Paragraph

We honor and celebrate the ancestors who came before us – the original inhabitants of the land now known as North Carolina.  

We honor and celebrate the many cultures that existed on this land when Europeans first arrived, and we acknowledge the thousands of people who lost their lives and their land.  

We honor and celebrate the present-day Tribal Nations of North Carolina.

We honor and celebrate all American Indians who live throughout the state and in Urban Communities. 

We honor and celebrate American Indian youth of today and future generations.  

We thank you for maintaining your heritage and values, for revitalizing Indigenous languages, for practicing traditional arts, and for your stewardship of the land in the face of great adversity.  

We thank you for your cultural, scientific, artistic, and economic contributions to our shared society today. 

And we thank you for sharing your history, knowledge, and traditions with people across North Carolina, and beyond.