Topics Related to Women's History

On December 24, 1922, Ava Gardner was born in Grabtown, a small farming community near Smithfield in Johnston County.

On December 24, 1960, fiddle and banjo player and old-time ballad singer Sarah Samantha Biddix Bumgarner died.

On December 22, 1965, Ruth Cannon died, bringing an end to a life of extraordinary dedication to preservation and to North Carolina history.

On December 15, 1836, Confederate spy Emeline Jamison Pigott was born in Carteret County.

On December 13, 1986, Ella Baker, civil rights leader and organizer of the Student

On December 4, 1994, Charlotte Smith, then a member of the UNC Tar Heels women’s basketball team, became the second collegiate women’s player ever to dunk.

On November 9, 1979, Louise Thaden, early aviation pioneer, died of a heart attack in High Point.

On October 25, 1774, women in Edenton resolved to stop buying English tea and cloth to protest taxation without representation. The event became known as the Edenton Tea Party.

On May 30, 1971, Gertrude Weil died at the age of 91.

On May 25, 1673, Ann Durant became the first woman to act in the capacity of an attorney in North Carolina. Durant represented Andrew Ball in his successful effort to recover wages due him for work aboard a ship at a proceeding held at the home of council member Francis Godfrey.