African American History and Culture

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North Carolina is nationally renowned for its rich African American history.

To help you explore that heritage we've gathered some of the best places to experience African American music, offer engaging on-site programming that highlights stories from Black history, and interpret four historic sites that emphasize the African American experience.

DNCR events and programs can give you a broad picture of North Carolina's African American history or you can take a dive deep into a specific subject. There's so much to explore!


Experience the Magic of African American Music

A guide to music sites, artists and traditions of eastern North Carolina, our African American Music Trails project is a celebration of jazz, rhythm and blues, funk, gospel, blues, church music, rap, marching bands and the musicians and places in eastern North Carolina where music has been a part of family, church and community life for generations.

Find Authentic North Carolina in the African American Music of the East

African American State Historic Sites

North Carolina African American Heritage Sites

Featured Stories

Celebrate Black History Month with our video series profiling notable African American North Carolinians. Get inspired by their stories of triumph, resilience, and impact on society. Join us as we highlight the contributions of these trailblazers and honor their legacy.