Topics Related to Robeson County

State recognized in 1885. People of the Dark Water. They continue to thrive along the river, their tribal namesake, in a four-county territory.

Religious & political site, nearby. Built 1100-1500 C.E. by American Indian people. In 1974 Indians contested and halted its excavation.

The Lumbee and other American Indians ousted the Ku Klux Klan from Maxton, Jan. 18, 1958, at rally, 1 1/2 miles SW.

Indian. Champion of the poor. Declared outlaw, he eluded capture and disappeared in swamps, ca. 1872. House 3 mi. NW.

Est. in 1887 to educate teachers of Indian youth. It was the forerunner of UNC-Pembroke. Building was 2/10 mile east.

In 1912 Robeson County established first rural health department in U.S. three blocks N.

After the Tory victory at McPhaul's Mill, the Whigs routed the Tories near here on Oct. 15, 1781, and broke their resistance in this area.

Union center of worship, originally 2 1/2 miles N.W. Presbyterians withdrew in 1796 and organized their own church here. 1860 building, 300 yds. W.

Governor, 1925-1929, Assistant Secretary of the United States Treasury, 1920-1921. Home is 1 mile south, grave 100 yards N.W.

Founder of Lumberton, captain in Revolution, later brigadier general; member of legislature, conventions of 1788, '89. Plantation was here.