Steps that our division has already taken (or is currently taking) to increase sustainability and environmental performance, reduce waste, save energy, etc.

  • Use of digital grant documents for panels and staff.
  • Easily accessible recycling bins in central locations and in individual offices.
  • Emphasis on printing less and conducting more work online.
  • Discontinued magazine subscriptions that are not essential to the work done in our programs.
  • Removed individual desk printers.
  • Increased use of digital recordkeeping.
  • Old files and documents have been digitally archived, non-essential documents and materials have been recycled or repurposed including donations to prison libraries, schools, and other organizations.
  • Out of date materials shredded and biproduct used for manufacture of paper towels.
  • Use of plants to improve air quality. 
  • New lighting scheduled to improve energy efficiency with the use of timers.

Future steps that our division would like to explore/research to increase sustainability and environmental performance, reduce waste, and save energy.

  • Improve heating and cooling efficiency to address employee comfort and avoid use of space heaters and fans.
  • Change out the windows in the building so that they are energy efficient and reduce leakage. 
  • Replace old printers that waste paper/materials. 
  • Use less paper in procedural functions. 
  • Use more online resources for NCAC programs (as opposed to print materials).
  • Use companies that offer green caterer packaging when large orders are placed for panels, symposia, etc. 
  • Flexible working hours to avoid peak traffic. 
  • Allow and increase appropriate use of remote work stations, such as home offices.