Created with the newly formed Department of Natural and Cultural Resources in 2015, the state Division of Land and Water Stewardship includes two established programs focused on preserving our state's unique environment for generations to come -- the North Carolina Land and Water Fund and the Natural Heritage Program.

North Carolina Land and Water Fund

The North Carolina Land and Water Fund (NCLWF – formerly known as the Clean Water Management Trust Fund) was established by the General Assembly in 1996 as a non-regulatory organization with a focus on protecting and restoring the State’s land and water resources.  NCLWF awards grants to non-profit and governmental organizations to protect land for natural, historical and cultural benefit, limit encroachment on military installations, restore degraded streams, and develop and improve stormwater treatment technology.

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Natural Heritage Program

The North Carolina Natural Heritage Program serves as an information clearinghouse in support of conservation of the rarest and most outstanding elements of natural diversity in the Tar Heel state. These elements of natural diversity include plants and animals which are so rare or the natural communities which are so significant that they merit special consideration as land-use decisions are made.

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