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Tab/Accordion Items

Capstone Overview This document provides an explanation of what the Capstone appraisal approach is.

Capstone Tutorial This video provides an overview of the State Archives of North Carolina’s new methodologies and processes for email management and archiving for state agencies. It describes the Capstone approach to email management and explains from this point forward how archival email will be captured by the State Archives.

Capstone Appraisal Criteria Information for state agencies regarding selecting positions within their organization to be designated as Capstone positions for permanent archival retention.

TOMES and Capstone FAQ Information for state agencies regarding the TOMES project and Capstone assessment forms. 

TOMES Software Overview This document provides a high level explanation of the goals of the TOMES software tool and its purpose in email archiving.

TOMES Software User Guide This document provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the TOMES software.