Do you work for an archive, historic site, library, museum, or other cultural institution in North Carolina? We have several resources to help you.

Cultural Resources Emergency Support Team

Dozens of collections experts from the Coastal Plain to the Urban Crescent to the Mountains are prepared to help public and private cultural heritage collections recover from disasters. DNCR Statewide Responders join forces with Area Cultural Resources Emergency Network leaders and conservators to provide tangible assistance to collecting institutions across N.C

CREST Provides

  •  technical assistance for North Carolina’s museum and archival collections in the aftermath of flood, fire, mold, and more
  • training for staff and volunteers
  • guidance in navigating disaster preparedness and recovery processes

CREST Members

To provide as much statewide support for artifact recovery as possible, our team includes members at three levels.

Statewide Responders

DNCR collections experts who have agreed to help museum and archival collections in public and private institutions across the state with technical assistance for disaster recovery. In addition to the collections preservation experience members have gained as librarians, curators, registrars, archivists, and administrators, each CREST statewide responder is required to complete 3 Federal Emergency Management Agency courses.

 Regional Support Members

Leaders of Area Cultural Resources Emergency Networks (ACREN), including both DNCR staff and those from public and private partner institutions, will provide assessments of collections damages and needs as a first step in a CREST response. After initial communications, these members work in conjunction with statewide responders to stabilize collections in their areas.

Conservation Support Members

DNCR conservators and those in private practice will provide recovery advice and assistance with materials in their areas of expertise. 

Contact Us

With members spread out across North Carolina, our team’s headquarters are in Raleigh.  
Coordinator: Adrienne Berney
Phone: 919-814-6863
mail: MSC 4614, RALEIGH NC  27699-4614