Topics Related to World War I

Physician; innovator in treatment of tuberculosis. Served in Europe, WWI; operated a sanatorium here, 1908-1918.

Nurse anesthetist. Her WWI service influenced British medical corps to train female anesthetists, 1918. Home was here.

Model logging village established in 1905. Supplied lumber to WWI effort & Champion paper mill. Flooded by Lake Logan, 1932. Was here.

World War I soldier, aviator. First pilot of Escadrille Lafayette to shoot down enemy plane. Killed in action, Sept. 23, 1916. Home 200 yds. W.

Health resort since 1800. Name changed from Warm Springs, 1886. Internment camp for Germans in World War I was here.

One of two North Carolinians awarded Medal of Honor for valor in World War I (France, 1918). Born 1 blk. SE.

World War I training camp operated here on 6,000 acres, 1917-1919. Named for Revolutionary War Gen. Nat'l Greene.

World War I soldier; aviator. Flew for France in Lafayette Escadrille. Killed in action, March 19, 1917. Lived 1 mi. W.

Fighter pilot. State's only WWI ace. Shot down 6 German planes, 1918. Born 1 mi. SW.

Brigadier General, U.S. Army, in World War I. Decorated for helping break the Hindenburg Line. His birthplace is 350 yards northwest.