Topics Related to Wilmington

The band Stray Local was formed in Wilmington by married duo Hannah Lomas and Justin Rowen. Originally organized as a largely live band, their music is changing in a world with less live music.

Not every North Carolinian who served in the armed forces during the First World War carried a gun on the battlefields of Franc

In May 1918, the Department of Labor announced its intentions to ease the labor shortages hampering government projects by recruiting Puerto Rican laborers.

On December 5, 1854, the first lots of Oakdale Cemetery in Wilmington were sold.

On February 6, 1971, Mike’s Grocery, a mom-and-pop store in Wilmington, was firebombed and burned. It’s unclear who was responsible for the arson, which came after a week of increasing racial tension and violence over the desegregation of the city’s high schools.