Topics Related to Revolutionary War

Pioneer manufacturer of iron; Revolutionary War officer; Congressman, 1813-1815. Mt. Welcome, his home, was 3/4 mi. S.

Home of Col. William Graham. Site of Tory raid, 1780. Served as Revolutionary War fort. Site is 300 yds. N.E.

Founder of High Shoals Iron Works about 1795. One of first producers of pig iron by charcoal process. Revolutionary patriot. Buried 20 yards W.

Built 1782. Home of James Johnston, officer in Revolution, member Provincial Congress, legislature, convention of 1788. Is 2 mi. east.

Cornwallis's army captured Charlotte after a fight here with Davie's troops, Sept. 26, 1780.

Governor, 1805-07. Was a surgeon in Revolutionary War; later Congressman. Birthplace was 3 mi. N.

Revolutionary War arms factory operated in this vicinity by Richard Herring and John Devane until destroyed by the Tories.

Founder of Lumberton, captain in Revolution, later brigadier general; member of legislature, conventions of 1788, '89. Plantation was here.

Colonel in Revolution, member of provincial congresses and state senator. Robeson County is named for him. His home stood 1/2 mile N.E.

African American teacher, preacher, & Revolutionary War veteran. Taught free black & prominent white students in school nearby.