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Officer in Revolution. Member, N.C. Provincial Congress & legislature. Founded Rochester, N.Y., 1811. Home was nearby.

Brigadier general of North Carolina militia, member House of Commons, conventions 1788, 1789, and U.S. Congress. His home stood nearby.

Revolutionary leader, member Provincial Congresses, conventions 1788, '89; militia brigadier general; trustee of University. Grave 2 mi. N.

The British under Major Craig defeated the North Carolina Militia, Aug. 2, 1781, 300 yards S.E.

On his American tour Lafayette spent night of Feb. 26, 1825, at Indian Queen Inn which stood two blocks north.

Member provincial congress, 1775; brigadier general of militia in Revolution; member N.C. conventions, 1788-1789. Home is 4 miles S.E.

Member of provincial congresses, 1775-1776; lieutenant colonel of militia in Revolution; Congressman, 1795-99. Grave is 7 miles S.E.

Revolutionary leader, Governor, U.S. Senator. His home, "Hayes," and grave are one mile S.E.

On December 19, 1777, the Continental Army, including the North Carolina Brigade, entered winter encampment at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

On December 14, 1786, Robert Howe, Continental army general, died on his way to Fayetteville to serve in the state legislature.