Topics Related to Halifax County

Halifax, North Carolina has seen some of the richest history in the state.

The Confederate ironclad Albemarle was outfitted in Halifax with machinery and guns before sailing down river into action, 1864.

State recognized in 1965. Descendants of Saponi, Nansemond, and others reorganized in 1953. A tribal school est. 2000.

Landmark Interstate Commerce Commission case, 1955, helped end racial segregation in interstate transportation. Original arrest was here, 1952.

African American editor. Published Durham-based Carolina Times, 1927-71. An advocate of social justice and civil rights. Was born in Enfield.

Civil rights leader. She organized the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, April 1960, at Shaw University. Her childhood home ¼ mi. E.

Est. 1935; New Deal farm project. 350 black families from N.C., S.C., Fla., Ark., Va. purchased homesteads. Restored house 1 mi. E.

Lt. Gen., U.S. Air Force. Led first U.S. bombing raids on Germany, 1943. Inspired Twelve O'Clock High, novel & film. Boyhood home 1/10 mi. S.

Journalist. Publisher of Norfolk Journal & Guide, 1910-1962, leading black-owned newspaper in the South. Birthplace nearby.

U.S. Congressman, 1871-1873, representing Ala.; merchant and farmer in Selma, Ala. Born into slavery one mile south.