Topics Related to Buncombe County

On April 3, 1865, Union Col. Isaac M. Kirby left East Tenn. with 1100 men on a raid against Asheville. On April 6, Kirby's force was defeated by local militia under Col. G. W. Clayton. Earthworks remain 100 yds. N.

Established in 1887 to educate African Americans in western N.C. Emerged as residential preparatory school for Black women. Was 1/3 mi. E until 1974.

Japanese photographer. Born Masahara Iizuka. Advocate of Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Appalachian Trail. His studio was nearby.

Builder who developed tile construction method widely used in vaults & domes. Designed vaulted ceilings at Biltmore in 1894. Lived 1 mile SE.

Nurse anesthetist. Her WWI service influenced British medical corps to train female anesthetists, 1918. Home was here.

Devastated western N.C. and western Piedmont; destroyed homes, crops, mills, bridges. Four lives lost, July 16, near main gate of Biltmore Estate.

“Singing Brakeman” lived in Asheville, 1927. Began his country music career with radio broadcasts on WWNC, then 50 yds. W.

Prototype domes built nearby in 1948 & 1949 by Buckminster Fuller while he taught at Black Mountain College.

Writer, artist, Jazz Age icon; wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald. In 1948, she and 8 other patients died in fire at Highland Hospital, ¼ mile S.

Est. 1892 as center of social, moral, religious influence for blacks working at Biltmore. Businesses thrived in building 100 yards S.