Topics Related to African American History

Congregational. Founded 1870 by former slave Rev. Madison Lindsay. Restored 1885 building is 80 yards southwest.

Founded Slater Academy, now Winston-Salem State Univ.; president, 1892-1904, 1913-34. Religious and community leader. Lived one block west.

Preparatory school for blacks founded 1902 by Charlotte Hawkins Brown. Named for Alice Freeman Palmer. Closed in 1971. Now state historic site.

Launched the national drive for integrated lunch counters, Feb. 1, 1960, in Woolworth store 2 blocks south.

Methodist. Begun 1874; reorganized as woman's college, 1926. Named for Lyman Bennett of Troy, N.Y. Campus 2 bl. S.

Chartered in 1891 as a land grant college for blacks. Since 1972 a campus of The University of North Carolina.

In 1951 superintendent Mildred Poole integrated Post School 2 miles N.E. three years before U.S. Supreme Court mandate.

Founded 1904 by E. M. and Tinny McDuffie to educate black students upon encouragement by Booker T. Washington. Campus 100 yds. east.

Muslim slave & scholar. African-born, he penned autobiography in Arabic, 1831. Lived in Bladen County and worshipped with local Presbyterians.

Free black abolitionist & conspirator in 1859 with John Brown in attack on U.S. arsenal at Harpers Ferry. Killed in assault. Lived in Fayetteville.