Topics Related to African American History

Est. in 1867 as Biddle Memorial Institute for freedmen. Became a university, 1877. Present name adopted in 1923.

Founder of the nation's first textile factory owned and operated by blacks, 1897-1904. Mill building is 350 yds. N.

Founded as Zion Wesley Institute, 1879. Became College in 1885. Rev. J. C. Price president 1882-93. Named for British missionary. 5 blocks west.

Free black served as a Baptist pastor at Rocky River Church until law in 1831 barred blacks from public preaching. Buried 500 yards west.

State home & school for African American boys, 1925-77. Agricultural, vocational, and academic skills taught 3 mi. W.

Landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling, March 1971, prohibited discriminatory practices by employers. Plaintiffs were Black employees of plant in Eden.

Landmark federal court of appeals decision 1963 involving Cone Hospital led to racial integration of hospitals in the U.S.

Strike by leaf workers, mostly black & female, June 17, 1943, 1/2 mile W., led to seven years of labor & civil rights activism by Local 22.

Founder of Wings Over Jordan Choir and Negro Hour radio show, 1937. He promoted traditional spiritual music & racial harmony. Born 2 mi. SW.

Buffalo Soldier & officer. In 1890 awarded Medal of Honor. His long career exemplified struggles of black soldiers of the era. House stood here.