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Many of us take for granted that getting out to enjoy nature is as simple as lacing up our hiking boots and hitting the trail, but negotiating roots, rocks and inclines isn’t in the scope of ability for everyone.

This particular story is for all the people that don’t think hiking in the Piedmont/Central region of North Carolina is a good idea in the winter.

The environmental issues we hear about on the news can feel too big for one little person to tackle. Industrial pollution, plastics in the ocean, contaminated waterways…the problems seem overwhelming.

Fresh air, rustling leaves, and open spaces are enough for nature-lovers to set out on a trail. For many, however, the opportunity to encounter wild history in its natural habitat, outside the museum walls, is what calls them to the trail.

Would you just look at this view? It’s really spectacular when you think about it — reaching the peak of the summit and being able to look east for miles and in one direction, then turn around and look north towards the start of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Bear Island is a must visit beach for the adventurers among us, the crown jewel of Hammocks Beach State Park. Here are 6 tips to guarantee a great day at Bear Island.

You’ve got your hiking gear, your sunscreen, and plenty of water. You’re ready for a day of fun on the trail. But wait — is it really as safe as you think?