Tuesday, April 27, 2021, 9 pm

He Hurts; He Thinks.
Emcee from N.C.
He spills lyrics.
Started Kooley High with Tab-One, Rapsody, Sinopsis, Foolery, and DJ ill Digitz.

The mic plug up.
Made the price run up with nice numbers.
Recorded “Never Come Down,” executive-produced by 9th Wonder.

Charlie moved to Brooklyn with tunes cooking.
Went solo for promo.
At Hopscotch did the Little Bro Show.
Topnotch flowing.
Released “We Had A Good Thing Going.”
The rollout roped them in.
Kings in Raleigh . . . sold out the opening.

Months later he stopped holding pens.
COVID was closing in.
Emotions of hopelessness,
The lowest since.
When he was walking home,
Someone drove and hit his lower hip.
Charlie broke his wrist
And was close to quitting.
He thought . . .

Charlie Smarts.
Music heals; music eases your mind.
Be free in N.C.

Charlie reconnected with Kooley High and dropped three singles in 2021. (“Hold Up,” “Lazy Sunday,” “Rollin in the Hay”)
Coming back to Carolina where it all started
Rejuvenates him as an artist.

Livestream will be available through this link starting April 27 at 9 pm.


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