2024 HBCU/MIHE Summer Intern Project List

Requirements of this internship program:

  • Must have a cover letter and transcript attached with resume.
  • Must have a 2.5 or higher GPA
  • Must be a current student attending a Historically Black College or University (HBCU) or a Minority Institution of Higher Education (MIHE) in the state of North Carolina
  • Or be a Resident of North Carolina and attend an HBCU/MIHE in another State.
  • Deadline: January 8.  
  • Must be a rising Junior, Senior, or Graduate Student

Must work 40 hours per week for 10 weeks in the summer and will be paid $17.00 per hour.

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Project Name Division Location Description Preferred Majors
Website Analysis Intern Archives and History Raleigh, Wake County The intern will help the Historic Marker program organize new website essays and review essays to make recommendations for edits. Tasks to be performed include reading, research, writing, categorizing and labeling web pages. The overall internship experience will result in organizing the New Historic Marker website for comprehensive accessibility based on keyword searches. History, English, General Studies, Sociology
Oral History Intern Archives and Records Raleigh, Wake County The intern will focus on processing and collecting for the ongoing Conversations in Black (Greensboro Oral History Project) and/or the American Indian Heritage Commission Oral History Project. The Conversations in Black Oral History Project is being conducted by Bernetiae Reed and processed by the Oral History Unit within the Special Collections Section of the State Archives of North Carolina. These interviews focus on the African American experience in Greensboro, North Carolina, a hotspot for civil rights activities and historical events, told by the people who lived it. This oral history project is meant to work in conjunction with a National Parks Historic Neighborhood nomination. The American Indian Heritage Commission Oral History Project is a collaboration between the NC American Indian Heritage Commission and the Oral History Unit within the Special Collections Section of the State Archives of North Carolina. This project aims to collect and preserve stories of American Indians as told by members of the community through their own voices. In documenting these memories, this project preserves the memory of American Indian Tribes in the state and adds these recollections to the official record of North Carolina. These collaborative oral history interviews include discussions with members of the community, tribal officials, and notable architects. The intern will assist in transcription, metadata work, scheduling, and interviewing individuals for inclusion in the project. Bachelor’s degree in history, public history, communications, or similar. Working toward a master’s degree in public history, library science, or similar, is preferred. The position would require students to work with digital access, transcription, indexing, and potentially interview individuals for new oral history projects. Some oral history experience is preferable.
Archives Processing and Exhibits Internship Archives and Records Raleigh, Wake County The Intern will increase discovery and outreach for government records pertaining to migrant workers in North Carolina, a group historically underrepresented in our holdings, through surveying a relevant archival collection, conducting research on the topic, and creating an exhibit highlighting State Agency migrant labor records. Tasks to be performed will include to survey the archival collection, conduct research on history of migrant workers in North Carolina to contextualize records, write blog posts publicizing the archival collection, and use archival records to create an exhibit case on migrant workers in North Carolina. Undergraduate and graduate. Library science, History, Public History, English, Political Science, Liberal Arts, Women’s Studies, American Studies, African American Studies.
Assisting with the Conservation of Artifacts from the La Concorde/Queen Anne’s Revenge Shipwreck Archaeology Greenville, Pitt County The intern will help progress the conservation of artifacts from one of NC’s most significant archaeological sites: the wreck of Blackbeard’s flagship Queen Anne’s Revenge, formerly the French slave ship La Concorde. The intern will assist conservators with long-term projects, gain hands-on experience in archeological conservation, and learn common practice and theory for care of collections, while also assisting with outreach. Proper conservation treatment is critical to the longevity of an archeological collection and helps preserve the evidence within artifacts which leads to the more complete interpretation of a site. The intern will help progress the La Concorde/Queen Anne’s Revenge collection so that all artifacts may be safely studied and exhibited, contributing not only to our understanding of piracy and the slave trade but to the heritage tourism of North Carolina. Anthropology, Archaeology, History, Chemistry, Museum Studies, undergraduate, graduate
Research and Programming Aide Historic Resources New Bern, Craven County Tryon Palace is preparing for its participation in the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution. The Education branch has multiple small but significant projects that it does not have the manpower to tackle simultaneously. The Research and Programming Aide will assist the Historical Interpretation and Programs Coordinator with several of these projects crucial to Tryon Palace’s programming and interpretation over the next decade. The intern will update or create artifacts and picture books for the Governor's Palace, Kitchen Office, Dixon, and the Stanly House. These materials will be used for staff training and to help guests who can't use stairs learn about the history of Tryon Palace. The intern will help the Historical Interpretation and Programs Coordinator develop specialty tours under the Discovering Tryon Palace program. This involves researching, designing tour routes and narratives, and training EDU staff on new tour content. In 2024, the focus will be on the "Spilling the Palace Tea" tour that will discuss gossip and upper-class life in the 13 Colonies and the broader British Empire. The intern will also assist in the Jonkonnu program, which celebrates African American heritage and resilience through music and dance. Assistance includes conducting workshops for under-served children aged 7-16 to educate them about Jonkonnu and African American history; assist with a free public Jonkonnu performance at Tryon Palace. Other tasks include researching and writing short biographies of known Revolutionary War soldiers from North Carolina to create a comprehensive database of the NC Line and militia demographics. The Research and Programming Aide will also assist Education staff in integrating this information into daily military camp interpretation and include examples of white, black, enlisted, and officer soldiers; research the 35th United States Colored Troop formed in New Bern during the Civil War and the related families. This interpretive unit is based out of Tryon Palace and aims to bring the stories of these soldiers and their families to life in events throughout North Carolina and beyond. This overall internship experience will produce digital and physical copies of artifact documentation, a continuing program of specialty tours offered to the public, an updated body of Jonkonnu research available on the Palace website, training material for camp docents that offers a representative look at the men that served in the Revolutionary and Civil War, training material for apothecary and laundry programs. Undergraduate degree in History, Education, Anthropology, Archaeology, Dance, Dance Education, Art, Art Education, Music, Music Education, African American Studies, English, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Research.
Essential Functions and Mandatory/Emergency Designations of Positions Human Resources Raleigh, Wake County The intern will establish essential job functions for various standard classifications as well as properly designate positions that are mandatory and/or emergency positions. These functions include identifying standard classifications with a signification number of positions to include in the project, reviewing job descriptions, drafting EJFs for each identified class, developing stakeholder groups, communicating purpose and obtaining feedback, and finalizing and implementing. Other duties include Mandatory/Emergency Designations: summarize definitions of each, develop a spreadsheet to capture, and distribute to each division to obtain, develop letter template to employees, release for issuance, and update HR/Payroll system with the designations. The overall internship experience will include performing essential job functions for several standard classifications, and designation of all mandatory and emergency positions. Human Resources, Business Administration with a concentration in HR
Hiring Manager Training for Recruitment Human Resources Raleigh, Wake County The intern will develop a portion of the hiring manager training packet focusing on recruitment. The intern will also develop a core module for the training review policies and internal procedures, evaluate system functionality, and edit training materials already available. The intern will meet with staff, they will participate in parts of the hiring process; outline topics and other areas for training; draft content for training; and work with Staff Development staff to create online training. The overall internship experience will produce an online training module on recruitment for hiring managers. Human Resources, Business Administration with concentration in HR, Adult Education, Instructional Design
Special Programs/Summer Camp NC Aquariums Manteo, Dare County The North Carolina Aquariums’ mission is to inspire appreciation and conservation of our aquatic environments. The Special Programs/Summer Camp Intern will educate Aquarium visitors through fun activities to inspire appreciation and conservation of aquatic habitats and foster better environmental stewards. This intern will be immersed in indoor and outdoor environmental education experiences with groups of all ages and incorporate conservation messaging into these program opportunities. These teaching experiences are provided for small groups of visitors and summer campers to support revenue-generating programs. The Special Programs/Summer Camp Intern will be involved in promotion, preparation, and instruction of activities such as fishing, crabbing, kayaking, behind-the-scenes tours, and animal ambassador-based programs. This intern will participate heavily in Summer Day Camps with ages 6-13. Interns may also provide educational interpretation at exhibits, touch pools, and discovery stations. Daily tasks include leading/assisting with camps, leading programs, developing and facilitating camp activities, promoting programs, handling live animals, and driving a 15-passenger van (as long as the selected intern has a valid North Carolina driver’s license). The intern will gain teaching experience with families and summer campers in an informal education setting, improved communication skills, increased environmental conservation knowledge, and exposure to skills in an Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) accreduted marine science facility. He/she will also generate an independent project. Visitors and campers will benefit from additional staff who can safely provide more public programming. Biology, Marine Sciences, Marine Biology, Conservation Biology, Education, Elementary Education, Environmental Science, Environmental Education, Environmental Studies, Natural Resources, Natural Sciences, Outdoor Education, Parks and recreation, Science Education, Wildlife, Wildlife Education, & Zoology
Genealogy Digitization Internship NC Historic Sites Durham, Durham County (Stagville State Historic Site) The intern will compile and analyze primary sources focused on the history of enslaved people and their descendants to create digitized family trees. The intern will gather established genealogy research and enter the family tree information into an online database. The intern will create a model and workflow for the best method to develop digitized family trees that date pre- and post-emancipation in an online database. The intern will receive training to lead guided tours of the historic site. The intern will also interpret site history at special events including Juneteenth. This position is scheduled from 9 am to 5 pm, Tuesday through Saturday. Tasks to be performed will include historical interpretation, primary source research, African American genealogical research, and data entry. The intern will be trained in site interpretation, lead guided tours, and participate in special events. The overall internship experience will be to produce a structured written workflow detailing the best method to insert African American family trees in an online database. Rising junior, senior, or graduate student studying History, Public History, Education, Teaching, African American Studies, English, Anthropology, Archaeology, Libraries and Archives, American Studies.
Sedalia Genealogy Project NC Historic Sites Sedalia, Guilford County (Charlotte Hawkins Brown Museum) The Intern will establish a resource for residents of the Town of Sedalia to engage with their personal family histories and where they intersect with the history of the Palmer Memorial Institute. Tasks to be performed will include interviewing Sedalia residents, building family trees, and researching genealogical records. The intern will ultimately produce searchable family trees for the longtime families residing in Sedalia. History, Public History, Library Science, Sociology, Liberal Studies
Museum Education Developer NC Historic Sites Kure Beach, New Hanover County (Fort Fisher State Historic Site) The intern will help develop museum education materials for its new Visitor Center that are rooted in expanding visitors’ understanding of our rich, diverse history. Under the supervision of the site’s Education Coordinator, the intern will draft, test, and revise a tour script for Fort Fisher’s new exhibits and/or grounds rooted in a complete, inclusive history of our site. They will help develop a new field trip program that utilizes the new resources. The intern will also work shifts in the site gift shop, visitor services desk, and in various planned educational activities. Interns will complete professional development training and outings designed to expose them to the breadth of public history work and skills. Interns may choose to conduct musket demonstrations as well, but it is not a requirement. The intern will produce a tour script and field trip lesson plan that site staff will incorporate into standard site interpretation. History, Public History, Education, Museum Studies, African/Africana Studies, American Studies, American Indian/Indigenous Studies
Digital Engagement Assistant NC Historic Sites Raleigh, Wake County; with day trips (Curatorial Services) The Intern will assist in digital engagement projects such as online engagement, virtual tours, 3D artifacts scanning, and accessibility. Tasks to be performed will include photographing sites, artifacts, etc. to process in specialized software to create tours and virtual galleries as well as ensure the accessibility of physical and digital sites. The internship experience will increase the number of digitized artifacts, accessibility of sites, and other digital projects. Digital Media, Digital Arts and Sciences, 3D Design, Information Science, Museum Studies, History
Historic Interpretation Team Member NC Historic Sites Mount Gilead, Montgomery County (Town Creek Indian Mound State Historic Site) The intern will facilitate professional development and networking opportunities while promoting exposure to and engagement in visitor services to diverse audiences at a public State Historic Site. The intern will also welcome and greet visitors to the site, provide small and large group guided tours of the historic site, and lead hands-on interactive workshops with individuals & and groups. The internship experience will provide a first-hand experience of needs required to operate in a public museum/historic site, develop new tools/techniques for improved public presentations and engagement, as well as gain interactive skills useful in leading/managing diverse groups. Graduate & undergraduate students eligible. Preferred focus in history or humanities-based fields, such as Museum Studies, Anthropology, History, Public History, Archaeology, American Indian Studies, Cultural Studies, Historic Preservation, etc.
Golden & Ruth Frinks Historic Trail Guided Tour NC Historic Sites Edenton, Chowan County (Historic Edenton) The intern will research, write a script, and develop a guided historically fact-based walking tour based on Civil Rights Leader Golden Frinks’ life and activities in Edenton, including his house, local marches, and community activities. Tasks to be performed will include developing a history based guided walking tour from the Historic Edenton State Historic Site Visitor Center, the Frinks House and other local points of interest. The overall internship experience will produce a guided walking tour. History, Recreation, Hospitality, African American Studies, Library Sciences, Folklore, Museum Studies, Undergraduate and Graduate students
Artists & Organizations Internship NC Arts Council Raleigh, Wake County The intern will assist with organizational research and strategic support for the Artists & Organizations Department; assist with the grant programs including the grant panel process; and assist with research and development of professional development programs for individual artists and arts organizations. The intern will perform organizational research and strategic support for the Artists & Organizations Department; assist with the grants programs including the grant panel process; as well as assist with research and development of professional development programs for individual artists and arts organizations. The intern will complete research and programmatic support for the NC Arts Council’s statewide grant programs and artist professional development. Performing Arts; Visual Arts; Arts Administration; Anthropology; Business Administration; Education; History; Social Sciences; Communication; Theater; Literature.
HBCU Conservation Summer Intern NC Museum of Art Raleigh, Wake County The Intern will learn and gain experience in all facets of art preservation, restoration, and research, while the student also contributes to the daily work and responsibilities of the museum’s Conservation department. Tasks to be performed include assisting conservators in the conservation and preservation of artworks; undertaking one significant conservation project on their own with full oversight of the department staff; and taking part in all Conservation department work, responsibilities, and initiatives to the extent possible. The overall internship experience will include a short concise report on the intern’s completed main project, a summary of all the work undertaken during the internship, and general impressions of their experience. In addition, the final product must include whatever the intern’s college or university requires. Graduate level preferred, undergraduate will be considered. Art Conservation Studies, Museum Studies, Preservation Studies (cultural heritage), Art, Art History and Science
NC Museum of Art Graphic Design Intern NC Museum of Art Raleigh, Wake County The intern will work alongside the NC Museum of Art’s Publications Team within the Marketing Department. The intern will design print and digital materials across departments such as education, marketing, programs, performing arts, and more. The intern will also learn about different design roles within the Publications team and in other museum areas. Tasks to be performed will be to utilize Adobe Creative Cloud software to design print and digitalize materials across departments such as education, marketing, programs, performing arts, and more. The overall internship experience will include a variety of print and digital deliverables designed from start to finish, as well as collaboratively design projects working with other museum Graphic Designers. Undergraduate Graphic Design major
NC Museum of Art Education Intern NC Museum of Art Raleigh, Wake County This internship will observe, and practice skills needed for future work in our education department. The most immediate opportunity for contracted work would be summer camp assistants. Additional opportunities would be in supporting educational outreach and teacher professional development throughout the school year. This internship is to foster relationships with students from Historically Black Colleges/Universities (HBCU) and Minority Institutions of Higher Education (MIHE) giving them the networking and training opportunities for careers in museum education, digital learning, and arts management. The intern will work closely with the Director of Education and the education team learning about different aspects of Museum Education. In the first half of the internship, the intern will write education content and assist in a variety of education programs: camps, teacher professional development, online resources, and tours. In the second half, the intern will specialize in one area of choice, develop an independent project, and present what they learned over the summer to their peers. The overall internship experience will include assisting with camp operations, researching 5-10 works of art to write bulleted key ideas and resources for students and teachers using a provided NCMALearn template and curatorial notes. The intern will support the Summer Teacher Institute while engaging k-12 teachers across NC; in collaboration with the Director of Education, and develop a small independent project as experience is gained to showcase learning in one area of museum education. Art, Education, Art Education, Arts Management, Art History, and related fields
Communications & Marketing Internship NC Museum of Art Raleigh, Wake County The North Carolina Museum of Art’s marketing intern will gain hands-on knowledge of PR and marketing efforts within the Museum, working alongside the Digital Marketing team. The intern will also assist in ongoing community and/or press outreach in support of brand and/or exhibition marketing plans. Marketing, Communications, Business, MBA, Arts Administration, Design, PR Level: Junior or Senior Undergraduate; all Graduate levels.
Digital and Visual Resources NC Museum of Art Raleigh, Wake County This internship will be ideal for those interested in general museum studies, digitization practices and standards, and imaging workflows within the cultural heritage field. This internship will involve digitizing assets from the NCMA’s archive of analog transmissive materials for inclusion in the museum’s digital asset management system (DAMS) and collection management system (CMS). Using scanners and cameras, the successful candidate will gain experience in digitizing large material sets as well as assessing and refining digitization workflows and best practices. The overall internship will apply experience with best practices and standards for digitizing cultural heritage materials. Marketing, Communications, Business, MBA, Arts Administration, Design, PR. Level: Junior or Senior Undergraduate; all Graduate levels.
Science Museum Junior Interpreter Program Facilitation NC Museum of Natural Science Raleigh, Wake County The internship position will assist in facilitating the Jr. Interpreter Orientation event for the 26 high school volunteer students. This orientation event prepares the selected high school students on what to teach and how to teach it. We have documents created, such as a docent goals and strategies document & cart topic content outlines, that the intern would use to facilitate and share information with the students. The intern is not expected to solely lead the student training sessions but be a part of the Museum leadership team during the orientation. The role will conduct 2-3 hours of training with the intern prior to them working with the high school students. This training includes our working with minors policy, accessibility & inclusion techniques, and museum-specific accessibility items, discussing the volunteer program goals, public presentation strategies, and the science content outlines. The overall internship experience will serve as a mentor and guide the volunteer students, learn, and research various natural science topics to share and assist the students, maintain props and museum artifacts from the collection, as well as present cart programs and engage with visitors. Environmental Sciences, Education, Environmental or STEM Education, Science, Biology, Ecology, Conservation, Natural Resources, Community Engagement, Outreach, Justice and Inclusion, Communications, Environmental Sciences, Museum Studies, or other related field of study.
Public Science Events Intern NC Museum of Natural Science Raleigh, Wake County The intern will develop two exhibits, tested, and recorded in preparation for Museum public science events (BugFest, Astronomy Days, Darwin Day, Reptile and Amphibian Day, Adult Nights, Museum Movie Nights, or Triangle SciTech Expo). Tasks to be performed include researching and testing current event exhibits or design new exhibits for the museum’s public science events. The intern will also create a facilitator guide and training program for staff and volunteers along with creating a video to share with virtual audiences. The overall experience will produce two exhibits that can be used at the museum’s public science events as well as previously mentioned tasks. Any science major with a focus on education or natural Science.
Studying human and animal health with the Genomics & Microbiology Research Lab and Veterinary Sciences NC Museum of Natural Science Raleigh, Wake County The intern will create a new animal health pipeline for our citizen science blood smear project. The internship will include: assisting the Veterinary Sciences team with medical management of the Museum’s live animals; reading, summarizing, and presenting information about animal health from published scientific literature; working with the Genomics & Microbiology Lab team to create new workflows for our citizen science blood smear project at monkeyhealthexplorer.org for additional species (fish, birds, reptiles, other mammals); and gain experience in science communication of clinical and research findings. The overall experience will create at least one new workflow along with training materials for monkeyhealthexplorer.org project. The intern will also develop a better understanding of the overlap of clinical veterinary medicine and laboratory genetic sciences, including a presentation developed for museum visitors highlighting the internship project and Veterinary Sciences experience. Graduate/ undergraduate students that have Majored and have experience in Biological, Medical, or Veterinary Sciences, Genetics, Microbiology, Animal Science, Zoology, or Ecology with a pre-veterinary focus or interest. We will also consider students who are currently enrolled in a veterinary program in the College of Veterinary Medicine (DVM/VMD candidate) and have recently graduated from an HBCU/MIHE
Project Management Specialist NC Museum of Natural Science Raleigh, Wake County The intern will help lead the project management process for at least one major design/construction project at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. The Project Management process includes visioning, design, construction documentation, construction and/or renovation, and project close-out/evaluation. Tasks to be performed include to identify and communicate with project stakeholders; plan and develop project idea in collaboration with stakeholders; create and maintain timelines, task lists, and budgets; keep stakeholders informed and on task; work with external partners and contractors; evaluate progress and end results. The overall internship experience includes to provide the intern with an understanding of how project management works in in a complex institution that is part of the North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources and for the intern to assist in the advancement of a new program or experience at the Museum of Natural Sciences. Undergraduate Business, Design, Architecture, Social Sciences.
Guest and Volunteer Services Operations Intern NC Museum of Natural Science Raleigh, Wake County The intern will work with Guest and Volunteer Services leadership team to learn about museum operations and assist in the continual improvement of the guest experience at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. The intern will also assist in the annual evaluation of volunteer and intern recruitment strategies that focus heavily on retention and the recruitment of diverse program participants. Tasks to be performed include working on the museum floor with the Guest Services team, supporting the facilitation of volunteer, intern, and staff trainings, contacting current and potential community partners about volunteer and intern recruitment, and assisting Guest and Volunteer Services staff in the day-to-day management of front-line museum operations and volunteer and intern program management. The overall internship experience includes providing the intern with a greater understanding of front-line museum operations in a large institution and the critical role of volunteers and interns across the museum network. The intern will contribute to staff, volunteer, and intern professional development plans for the 24-25 fiscal year. All Business majors, Social Science Majors, Communication Majors, Hospitality Majors, and Education Majors.
Natural Sciences Communication Specialist NC Museum of Natural Science Raleigh, Wake County The internship will teach effective science communications skills through cart programs and informal interpretive interactions with NC Museum of Natural Sciences visitors. The intern will help create mobile “Moment of Science” carts that incorporate short, fun activities covering a wide range of science topics. These educational carts provide relevant science information and accessible activities for all ages and backgrounds and are designed to illustrate how science fits into our everyday lives. The internship includes training by experienced Museum science educators. The project directly increases the Museum’s ability to connect and engage with visitors using innovative and interactive demonstrations of basic science concepts. Tasks to be performed include interacting with Museum visitors daily in exhibit halls, communicating and interpreting natural science topics through cart programs and small audience science presentations; gain experience with existing cart programs before selecting natural science topic of relevant and current interest; work with staff to create finished “Moment of Science” programs that will be presented daily to visitors at cart and adapted for daily presentations in one of the Museum’s small audience venues. Intern may also assist visitors in the hands-on collection area called the Naturalist Center. The overall internship experience will include engaging science cart programs that effectively communicate how science impacts our daily lives with visitors. Any of the biological sciences including Botany, Conservation, Entomology, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Ecology, Fisheries and Wildlife Science, Forensics, Marine biology, Physics, Science communication, and Parks and Recreation management.
Investigate Lab Summer Internship NC Museum of Natural Science Raleigh, Wake County The Intern will gain effective science communication skills through the development of and participation in accessible educational programming such as carts, classes, and hands-on activities designed to present relevant science information to the public. Tasks to be performed include assisting in conducting and maintaining hands-on activities, exhibits and educational arts in the lab; to include daily interaction with museum guests as well as interpreting and communicating a variety of natural science related topics. The overall experience will produce interactive activity, exhibit, program, or cart that can be presented and evaluated by staff and museum guests. The intern will also gain confidence and become more adept in informal science communication and education. Animal Science, Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Genetics, Botany, Conservation, Education, Entomology, Earth Science, Environmental Sciences, Ecology, Fisheries & Wildlife
Science Communications Intern NC Museum of Natural Science Raleigh, Wake County The intern will refine current skills, gain new ones, engage your creativity, and work to create your own body of work that is both missions driven for the Museum, but also helps add to your portfolio of skills and assets to ensure this internship helps you move forward in this field of work. The Intern will work with our scientists and educators to help fulfill the Museum’s mission of “Illuminating the Natural World & Inspiring Its Conservation.” Tasks include assisting in creating fun, engaging, and scientifically correct communications and marketing products (blogs, social media, newsletters, on-site promotions etc); taking photos and/or videos; and writing about science in a way that is accessible and engaging. The overall internship experience will produce a body of work on a variety of platforms (social channels, website, email newsletters etc.) that can be used to help build your portfolio and to help hone & refine your skills. This work will help fulfill the mission and vision of the Museum’s Communications & Marketing Department. Undergraduate or Graduate. Anthropology, Astronomy, Biology, Botany, Communications, Computer Sciences, Earth and Environmental Sciences, English, Ecology, Geology, Journalism, Mathematics, Marine Sciences, Marketing, Wildlife Biology, Vet Sciences, Zoology, or any other communications or science field not listed.
Summer Camp Internship NC Museum of Natural Science Raleigh, Wake County The intern will assist the camp admin in creating a safe, engaging, and enriching environment for campers in kindergarten through twelfth grade. Interns will engage with campers as they explore a variety of topics using live animals, natural science objects, and props in both an indoor and outdoor setting. While the internship is based at the Museum, interns may be asked to assist at other outdoor camp locations during field trips. Part of the internship will be spent as an Assistant Instructor within a camp assisting the instructor with designing/teaching programs and caring for our campers. Interns will also assist the Administration Staff in understanding how a camp program is operated by ensuring smooth transitions during drop-off/pick-up, taking animal-handling training, and helping staff communicate with children, parents, and Museum staff. The overall experience will include acquiring skills to provide a positive experience in informal education, curriculum-based education content, communication, and office administration while assisting in running a fast-paced, multi-layered children’s program while building a network of professional contacts. Graduate, Undergraduate: Environmental Education; Museum Studies, Educational Leadership, Teacher Education, Biology, Zoology, Botany, Natural Sciences, Parks Recreation and Tourism Management
Discovery Room Intern NC Museum of Natural Science Raleigh, Wake County The Intern will facilitate children and families’ natural science learning experiences through playful exploration and direct contact with natural specimens in the Discovery Room, a hands-on, intergenerational, interactive exhibit area. Tasks to be performed include engaging with visitors in the Discovery Room to facilitate learning and exploration. The intern will interact with Museum staff, docents, and visitors in a professional manner to maintain, develop, field test, and evaluate current and new exhibits and programs in the Discovery Room; and assist with other educational Museum programming as needed. Experience the breadth of the Museum as an educational and research facility. The intern will ultimately produce a program or exhibit that connects the Museum’s needs and the interests of the intern; create a portfolio of written and photographic materials of experiences at the Museum; as well as provide a positive experience for Museum visitors as they learn by hands-on observation of real objects and specimens. Biology, Parks & Recreation, Wildlife Ecology, Zoology, Education, Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education, Environmental Education, Environmental Science, Natural Resources, Science Education
Community Organization Outreach NC State Library Raleigh, Wake County The intern will assist the Volunteer and Outreach Services Unit by expanding its community outreach endeavors with identifying new target communities that benefit from our services. This includes research and data collection of a community outreach list, social media content creation, and advocacy. The intern will assist with completing an updated list of approximately 50 community outreach contacts. Communications Studies, Social Work, Community Planning, Public Health, Education, Political Science, Sociology, or Human Services
Collecting Data and Media on Park Experiences of BIPOC Visitors NC State Parks Across North Carolina The intern will visit North Carolina state parks and collect data on external and internal visitor experiences; and produce digital media assets including photos and videos primarily for the agency’s social media accounts. Tasks to be performed will include visiting state parks; experience different activities, amenities and facilities offered at the park, depending on their interest; write notes on their external and internal experiences, especially noting physical and perceived barriers for visitors who identify as Black, Indigenous or a person of color; talk to other visitors about their experiences; take photos and videos to document their visit and share on social media channels for the Division; prepare a report at the end of the internship to summarize their experiences and propose suggestions on how to address any issues they encountered during their visit. The overall internship experience will include producing photos and videos of visitors and creating a final report on their external and internal experiences. This will allow the intern to gain an understanding of the visitor experience at state parks, particularly noting barriers to accessibility. Communications, Journalism, Digital Media, Public Relations, Marketing, Public Policy; Undergraduate or Graduate
Marketing & Development Research Assistant Marketing NC Symphony Raleigh, Wake County The intern will expand marketing efficiencies of the North Carolina Symphony’s in-person and virtual concert series by assisting in research and the development of strategic marketing plans to increase attendance. Other areas will include the unit of Development to expand stewardship of individual, foundation, and corporate donors by assisting in research and developing strategic fundraising plans to increase donations. Additionally, they will serve as a marketing & development coordinator at Summerfest 2024. Duties include enhancing community outreach by managing on-site marketing promotions and assisting in managing sponsorship relations pre-concert, on-site the day of the concert, and post-concert. Specific tasks to be performed within Marketing and Development are as follows: The intern will assist Marketing with audience development and research, prospect new audiences for in-person and virtual concerts (affinity groups, senior communities, & diverse communities); gather and update in-person attendance numbers and trend reports while comparing local and national trends; research orchestra industry education offerings, subscription and single ticket trends (pricing, packaging, and programming), new audience data and demographics, and manage on-site marketing promotions. The intern will assist Development with research and stewardship to include prospect research of individuals, foundations, and corporations; draft and update donor profiles; research website giving pages; research donor and sponsor benefits and engagement trends and enter contact reports. The overall internship experience will assist with the increase of concert ticket sales, donations, and assist to elevate sponsor and donor relations. Business, Sales & Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising, Communications, Journalism, Music, Liberal Studies
Wildlife Rehabilitation Internship NC Zoo Asheboro, Randolph County The Intern will provide routine daily care for sick, injured, and orphaned native wildlife in a condition that will minimize stress and maintain wild behaviors, in preparation for their release back into the wild. The intern’s duties include preparation of diets, cleaning cages, admitting patients, feeding animals, handling wildlife patients for care answering phones and record keeping. Interns will also assist with veterinary medical tasks such as administering medications, physical therapy, assisting with radiographs and surgeries, as well as perform treatments as ordered by Veterinary staff. Additionally, the intern will assist in the care of the center’s resident foster/ education animal collection. Other projects may include caging repair and maintenance, grounds-keeping, and enrichment. The overall experience will include participation in special projects to be determined at time of internship; Internship is accredited by the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council and interns will receive a certificate upon successful completion of their internship. Pre-Vet, Veterinary Technician, Zookeeper, Animal Sciences, Biology or other related field
Animal Behavior Research and Keeper Internship at the North Carolina Zoo NC Zoo Asheboro, Randolph County The North Carolina Zoo (NC Zoo) maintains an active research program, where undergraduate and graduate students are trained to execute research projects that aim to improve our management of the animals. Research projects, developed and executed by the intern with the assistance of curatorial staff, are designed to provide insight into the well-being of the animals. These projects play a pivotal role when keepers and curators create care plans for the animal and, through close mentorship with resident staff scientists, the intern will gain critical skills in research design, implementation, and dissemination. This internship also provides the opportunity for students to gain zoo-keeping experience working with a wide variety of African and North American species. The intern will be trained in and assist with the daily routine care of the animals, as well as help with public interactions and record keeping. Tasks to be performed include the following: Animal Behavior Research - Research Project Design: At the beginning of the internship, the intern will work closely with animal care staff and resident scientists to develop a research project aimed at assessing and improving animal welfare. A 3-6 page project design report will be written, which will include: 1) a literature review on relevant subject matter (e.g. the species of interest, useful methods), 2) all relevant testable hypotheses and predictions, and 3) a project plan for data collection and methods for data analysis. Data Collection: The intern will be involved with data collection to advance our understanding of animal behavior and welfare. Data Management and Analysis: The intern will learn how to manage and analyze scientific behavioral data. Primarily using Microsoft Office programs, data will be manipulated into meaningful arrangements and collated into figures and graphics which will visualize important trends in behavior. Mid-Term Report: Towards the end of June, the intern will compile a mid-term report, reviewing the current status of the project and presenting all relevant findings, through figures and descriptive statistics. The report will be shared with all relevant NC Zoo staff, including staff scientists and the animal care team. Final Report: At the end of data collection, the intern will write a final report (6-8 pages) in the style of an academic paper, including an introduction, methods, results, and discussion section. The intern will learn to present and synthesize data in a way that is meaningful to the intended audience and effective in messaging. Animal Care - Daily husbandry: Three days per week the intern will assist with animal husbandry tasks, including (but not limited to): preparation and distribution of diets, cleaning behind-the-scenes areas and habitats, public interaction, and maintaining animal records. In addition, the intern will have the opportunity to observe operant conditioning training and provide animals with goal-based enrichment opportunities. The primary focus of this internship will be the welfare research project. Findings from this internship will be essential to the management protocols aimed at improving the welfare of our animals. Both undergraduate and graduate students are welcome. Relevant majors/previous coursework: animal science, biology, psychology, statistics, animal behavior, conservation, and applied research
Nature Rocks Summer Outreach Camp Specialist NC Zoo Asheboro, Randolph County During the internship, the intern will research, develop, and implement six developmentally appropriate environmental education programs for our Nature Rocks Nature Preschool Camps and three outdoor recreation events that offer a progression of introduction to playful inquiry, citizen science, and exploration and discovery of the local outdoor environment for the Nature Rocks Diversity and Inclusion summer camp programs. The intern will also adapt two programs so that they can be used as learning activities for the Playful Pedagogy professional development training for formal and non-formal educators. To complete their project, we have designed the Nature Rocks internship to provide participants with practical learning experience and knowledge in nature play playful learning practices, and informal environmental education program development and implementation. The overall experience will be to research, develop, and implement environmental programs and recreational experiences that can be presented in the Nature Rocks summer programs. Undergraduate - Early Childhood, Child Development and Family Studies, Education, Environmental Education, Parks, and Recreation (Leisure Studies)
North Carolina Zoo Graphic Design Support NC Zoo Asheboro, Randolph County The intern will work with two graphic designers, two graphics technicians, and the Creative Director to promote a wide range of the North Carolina Zoo’s marketing, interpretive, and guest experience initiatives. Projects may include but are not limited to, the Zoo’s 50th anniversary, promotional items, branding, advertising, and digital signage. Tasks to be performed will include Graphic design: Project(s) will likely include a mix of print and digital graphic design. This could include billboards, magazines and other print media, online advertising, wayfinding, interpretive signage, etc. Depending on an intern candidate's knowledge and abilities, the Creative Director may assign a specific project or projects to facilitate and help grow their portfolio. The intern will gain experience and knowledge in the design, production, and implementation of design projects. The intern would collaborate, work directly with staff, and focus on individual projects. The outcome would ideally be hands-on experience and skills gained within the graphics branch of the Zoo. Marketing, Graphic Design, Communications
Tribal Heritage Internship Project Office of Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, & Inclusion Raleigh, Wake County The intern will assist the NC American Indian Heritage Commission in the accomplishment of its goals as laid out in its legislation. Tasks to be performed include the installation and celebration of NC Indian Schools Trail Markers; assist with preparations for the Indigenous Peoples Day programming; assist with the promotion of N.C. American Indian Heritage Month by contacting TV and print publication media and developing other ideas for promotion; assist with activities related to the development of a strategic plan for the NC American Indian Heritage Commission; and assist with meeting preparation for the quarterly meeting of the NC American Indian Heritage Commission. The overall internship experience will include the completion of activities related to the installation and celebration of NC Indian Schools Trail Markers in tribal communities across the state, planned programming for the celebration of Indigenous Peoples Day 2024, developed a marketing plan for the promotion of NC American Indian Heritage Month, coordinated activities related to the development of a strategic plan for the NC AIHC, and assisted with preparation for the quarterly meeting of the NC American Indian Heritage Commission. American Indian studies, social work, political science, sociology, history, education, business
Rosenwald Convening Office of Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, & Inclusion Raleigh-Wake County (Hybrid) The objective of the internship is to work to convene the community around Rosenwald Schools and the fellowship. The African American Heritage Commission (AAHC) and the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) are collaborating to convene stewards of Rosenwald schools. Working with the stewards to organize, convene, and support their work. Tasks to be performed will include community outreach, historical research, and community identification. The overall internship experience will be a foundation to be built upon for furthering the work of the Rosenwald stewards. As well as contributing to convening people to support the work of Rosenwald stewards. History, African American History, Art History, Liberal Arts/Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, American Studies
Freedom Park Curriculum Development Office of Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, & Inclusion Raleigh, Wake County The internship aims to develop a curriculum that focuses on the people and quotes from Freedom Park. The intern will attend weekly check-in meetings with the intern’s supervisor, perform research related to Freedom Park voices, create a curriculum based on the research on Freedom Park voices, and develop an outline for a field trip guide. The overall internship experience will produce a foundational curriculum to enhance the work of the NC Freedom Park. History, African American history, Art history, liberal arts/studies, interdisciplinary studies, American studies, information science, education