Sea Turtles of North Carolina

From the mountains to the sea, everyone in North Carolina is connected to the ocean where sea turtles live. The beaches of N.C. are nesting areas to five of the seven species of sea turtles, with the loggerhead being the most common. This exhibit provides a basic introduction to sea turtle life and how humans interact with this amazing ocean creature.

Additional topics include hatching on beaches, protective measures, the connection between N.C. rivers and the ocean, science behind temperature and hatchlings, the role conservation organizations play in helping sea turtles and the effects of plastics on sea turtle health.
The exhibit includes supporting three dimensional elements of an acrylic box with plastic debris found on the N.C. Coast, a model of sea turtle nest and eggs, hatchling models “do not disturb” sign and a round plush story time rug. Accompanying educational materials include a “Discover NC River Basins” guidebook, STEM-based classroom education activities (K-5th grades: nest protection, sex determination, sea turtle timeline, sea turtles are reptiles) and Sea Turtle Science (6-12th grades), plus several story time books.


Size: 6 retractable free-standing banners (34” wide x 80” tall) with additional educational interactives (see below)

Duration of Exhibit: 8-12 weeks

Theme: Everyone in North Carolina is connected to sea turtles

NOTE: this is an indoor exhibit only