Celebrating Veterans Day

We’re so proud of the military veterans in Cultural Resources family for their unselfish service to country. We owe a debt of gratitude to them for their willingness to respond to the call of country. Veterans Day reminds each of us of the respect we should display for out veterans and their family members. Due to their sacrifice and the sacrifice of their family members, our nation has remained strong and continues to serve as a beacon of hope in stormy world. As we commemorate Veterans Day in North Carolina and throughout the nation, join us in extending our appreciation to our proud veterans. We are honored to have them as members of the DCR family.

Veterans Currently on the Cultural Resources Staff

Lawrence Abbott

Andrew Acasio Donnell Adams

Larry Autry

Kim Bennett

Daniel Blakemore

John Bowlby

Terry Bragg

Stewart Braunagel

David Brook

Mark Cooney

Sean Creamer

Kent Cudney

Paul Dasinger

Thomas Dawson

Lisa Doepker

Leroy Dupree

Mandy Eaton

Michael Faucette

Peggie Fields

Terrell Finley

Lynn Ford

Jay Frantz

James Fredrickson

William Garrett

Cynthia Gates

Terrence Greene

Albert Hargrove

Steven Harvey

Frances Hayden

Robert Hopkins

Daniel Howard

Mark Huntelman

Marilyn Johns

Marvin Johnson

William B. Jones

William W. Jones

Kevin Kelly

Robert Knight

Terry Kuhn

Mark Leach

Denis lemay

Jerry Lindsey

Steven Loibl

Paul Luckham

Eric Moser

Anne Murtha

Stephen Nicholson

Robert Pedus

Jackie Perry

Gary Piatak

Joseph Porter

Danny Powell

Glenn Reynolds

Tomas Rhodes

Ronnie Robinson

Edward Sheffield

Young Sheffield

Howard Smith

Kent Snyder

Michael Southern

Barry Starnes

James Steele

Otis Sykes

Donald Taylor

William Thomas

Christopher Vargo

Dennis Weller

Claude Wood

  Sharita Wright  


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