Topics Related to Women in History

On May 30, 1971, Gertrude Weil died at the age of 91.

On May 25, 1673, Ann Durant became the first woman to act in the capacity of an attorney in North Carolina. Durant represented Andrew Ball in his successful effort to recover wages due him for work aboard a ship at a proceeding held at the home of council member Francis Godfrey.

On May 10, 1876, Julia Adeline Royster was born in Raleigh.

On February 8, 1944, Westray Battle Boyce was promoted to lieutenant colonel and received the Legion of Merit.  Few North Carolina men, and no Tar Heel women, had a more distinguished service record in World War II than Colonel 

On January 5, 1921Lillian Exum Clement took her seat in the North Carolina House of Representatives, becoming the first woman in the South to hold legislative office.