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Governor, 1821-24; U.S. House, 1825-29. Advocate for agriculture, education. Grave 1 mi. N.E. His son, T.H., lt. general, C.S.A.

U.S. House, 1934-1967. As chairman, Agriculture Committee, for 14 years, shaped postwar federal farm policy. Lived here.

U.S. Senator, 1795-1801; member, U.S. House, in First Congress, 1790-91. Opposed ratification of U.S. Constitution, 1788, 1789. Lived near here.

On January 15, 1974, congressman and agricultural advocate Harold Cooley died from the effects of emphysema.

On January 5, 1921Lillian Exum Clement took her seat in the North Carolina House of Representatives, becoming the first woman in the South to hold legislative office.