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By Kimberly Kenyon, QAR Conservator 

Some of the highlights from the second part of August include the discovery of a previously-unknown cannon under a large concretion and the raising and transport of several large concretions. Here’s an overview:

By Kimberly Kenyon, QAR Conservator 

The 2013 Queen Anne’s Revenge (QAR) fall field season is underway, and has been for several weeks now! We’ve been bad about giving you updates, but that stops now.

Sec. Kluttz and Deputy Sec. Kevin Cherry open the Queen Anne's Revenge exhibit at the N.C. Transportation Museum in Spencer


Cultural Resources Sec. Susan Kluttz was one of the first people in almost 300 years to see cannons used on Blackbeard’s flagship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge, as they were recovered from the seafloor late last week.

Behind-the-scenes at last week's live stream event


This piece introduces the Queen Anne's Revenge 12-Step conservation program, by briefly describing processes undertaken in each step of an object’s treatment.