Topics Related to Rockingham County

Was first female chief justice of N.C. Supreme Court, elected in 1974. First female superior court judge & associate justice. Lived 3 blks. W.

Landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling, March 1971, prohibited discriminatory practices by employers. Plaintiffs were Black employees of plant in Eden.

Fighter pilot. State's only WWI ace. Shot down 6 German planes, 1918. Born 1 mi. SW.

Founder of Wings Over Jordan Choir and Negro Hour radio show, 1937. He promoted traditional spiritual music & racial harmony. Born 2 mi. SW.

As forerunners of state community colleges, 1958-1963, boosted vocational training. First in N.C. operated 200 yards E.

First free school in the state, established under Common School Law of 1839, opened January 20, 1840, in this vicinity.

Pioneer country music recording artist. With N.C. Ramblers, 1918-31, popularized old-time music. Grave 1/2 mi. SW.

Port for bateau trade on Dan River. Improved by Roanoke Navigation Company, 1820s. Ruins visible at low water. 200 yards west.

Dan River improvements built 1820s by Roanoke Navigation Co. include sluice & wing dams 1/4 mi. E. Rebuilt, 1880s.

Built near here by James Barnett in 1813. Later powered largest continuously operating textile complex in the northern piedmont.