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Home and tavern of John & Martin Pheifer. Gov. Wm. Tryon and President George Washington among guests. Stood 1 1/2 mi. W.

U.S. President, 1845-49. Born nearby in house no longer standing. Land & reconstructed buildings now State Historic Site.

The small kitchen in which the seventeenth President of the United States was born stands 64 yards west.

George Washington's last overnight stop in N.C., June 3, 1791, was at the home of Dudley Gatewood, which stood 1 mi. N.E.

President Washington spent the night, Apr. 19, 1791, at Shadrack Allen's Inn, which was 7 mi. E.

President Washington was a visitor in the town of Halifax, on April 16-17, 1791.

President Washington, on April 27, 1791, was a guest at the home of William Gause, Jr., which stood four miles south.

President Washington visited in the Stanly home two nights, April 20-21, 1791.

President Washington spent the night Apr. 23, 1791 at Sage's Inn, which stood 200 yds. E.

President Washington, on April 20, 1791, was a guest at the home of Col. John Allen, which was 5 mi. E.