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Japanese photographer. Born Masahara Iizuka. Advocate of Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Appalachian Trail. His studio was nearby.

Pioneer photographer of N.C. and the South. An advocate of equal rights for women. Began career ca. 1904 in this house where she was born.

Aristotle said, “In all things of nature, there is something marvelous.”

On November 8, 1950, internationally-renowned photographer and painter Ignatius Brock died at age 83.

On April 6, 1959, pioneering photographer Bayard Wootten died in New Bern.

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Pioneering North Carolina photographer Bayard Wootten achieved numerous firsts in her field, often endangering her safety to get the picture. Before shifting to photography, she designed the first trademark for Pepsi-Cola. In 1910 Wootten protested sexual discrimination in a professional publication and later took part in suffrage demonstrations.