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Governor, 1965-69; held posts on superior & state supreme courts. Set up initial Court of Appeals, 1967. Lived 1/10 mi. SE.

Governor and political leader. President of the University of North Carolina, 1835-1868. Was born three miles E.

Civil War governor. He led state, 1862-65, and 1877-79; U.S. Senator, 1879-94. Colonel, 26th N.C. Regiment, 1861-62. Birthplace 6 miles N.E.

Governor of North Carolina, 1945-1949. State legislator. Promoted good roads and rural electrification. Grave is 3 miles S.E.

United States Senator, 1945-54, congressman, governor, N.C. legislator, lawyer, editor. Home is 1 mi., grave 1.2 mi., N.E.

Governor, 1929-33; Under Secretary of U.S. Treasury; appointed Ambassador to Great Britain, 1946. Birthplace stands here, grave 300 yds. N.

Governor, 1845-1849; Secretary of the Navy; United States Senator; Whig nominee for Vice-President in 1852. His birthplace is 3 mi. E.

Governor, 1870-1874, during Reconstruction, member State Convention of 1865. His home stood here.

Now historical museum, was temporary home of Gov. Zebulon B. Vance after Sherman's capture of Raleigh, April 1865. Is 350 yards southwest.

Governor, 1830-1832; U.S. Senator; Federal Indian Commissioner. Home stood 1 mi. N.