Topics Related to Civil War

On December 26, 1919, Civil War soldier, planter and politician William Ruffin Cox died in Richmond, Virginia.

On December 15, 1862, federal and Confederate forces clashed at what’s today known as Seven Springs, but was then called Whitehall.

On December 15, 1836, Confederate spy Emeline Jamison Pigott was born in Carteret County.

On December 14, 1862, Union forces under the command of Gen. John G. Foster launched their second attack on Confederate Gen. Nathan G. “Shanks” Evans at the First Battle of Kinston.

On December 9, 1861, the Confederate prison at Salisbury took in its first Yankee prisoners.

On November 27, 1864, General Braxton Bragg was given command of the Department of North Carolina of the Confederate States Army.

On November 17, 1862, 19-year-old James Wells Champney drafted a collection of small images titled “First impressions of North Carolina, sketched in cars on the [way] to newbern.”

On November 12, 1903, the North Carolina Literary and Historical Association appointed a committee to investigate and report on the various claims made about North Carolina’s involvement in the Civil War.

On November 6, 1865, the CSS Shenandoah lowered the Confederate flag and James I. Waddell surrendered command of the vessel to British authorities in Liverpool. The surrender came a full six months after Robert E. Lee’s surrender at Appomattox.