Topics Related to Chatham County

State’s worst mining accident occurred on May 27, 1925, when explosions killed 53 men. Shaft 1 1/2 mi. SW.

Playwright, teacher, & humanitarian. Awarded Pulitzer Prize, 1927. His 16 outdoor dramas included The Lost Colony (1937). Lived 1 mile E.

Slave poet. His The Hope of Liberty (1829) was first book by a black author in South. Lived on farm 2 mi. SE.

Lawyer, state senator. Author of 1901 "London Libel Law." Editor of Chatham Record, 1878-1918. Home was here.

Established under care of Cane Creek Meeting, 1753; a Monthly Meeting since 1908. Fourth building was constructed in 1926.

Organized, 1794, by Jas. O'Kelly, founder of the denomination. Present building fourth on site.

Baptist, organized about 1757. Used by Regulators for meetings after 1768. Stands 200 yards east.

Congressman; Minister to Portugal; Governor of the Territory of New Mexico, 1857-1861; poet and essayist. Buried two blocks West.

Important source of munitions during the American Revolution, operated occasionally since. Furnace was 100 yards southwest.

Cornwallis, following the battle of Guilford Courthouse, spent several days building a bridge over Deep River, at point 300 yards N.W.