Topics Related to Avery County

Founded by Mary Martin Sloop, physician, 1913, to serve region's youth. Weaving Room, est. 1920, boosted revival of handicrafts. Campus 1/2 mi. W.

Presbyterian. Founded in 1900 by Edgar Tufts. Named for teacher Elizabeth McRae & benefactor Mrs. S. P. Lees. Senior college since 1988.

Author of The Balsam Groves of the Grandfather Mountain, 1892; educator and humorist. Grave one block South.

French botanist, pioneer in studying flora of western North Carolina, visited Grandfather Mountain, August, 1794.

American botanist and Harvard professor. In July, 1841, investigated flora of this region. He visited Grandfather Mountain.

Iron ore deposits near here were mined from ca. 1826 until 1930. Supplied iron to the Confederacy.

Along a route nearby the "Over-Mountain Men" marched to victory at King's Mountain, 1780.