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Principal settlement of the Cherokee Middle Towns. Council house stood on mound 300 yds. S. Town destroyed during the Revolution.

Near here the highway crosses Meigs-Freeman Line, surveyed in 1802, boundary between whites & Cherokees until 1819.

One of the forts where General Winfield Scott's United States forces gathered the Cherokee before moving them west, stood 3/4 mi. N.W.

Chief of Oconaluftee Cherokee. He advocated temperance and opposed removal of his people from their homeland. Lived in this vicinity.

One of forts in which Gen. Winfield Scott gathered the Cherokee before moving them west in 1838. Stood 1/4 mile southwest.

Major George Chicken of South Carolina led first English military expedition against the Cherokee in this area, 1715.

This mound marks site of old Cherokee town, Nikwasi. A council of Sir Alexander Cuming with the Indians here led to a treaty, 1730.

Site of Union attack on Thomas’s Legion, Feb. 2, 1864. Reduced Cherokee support for Confederacy. One mile northeast.

During the American Revolution, S.C. forces under Colonel Andrew Williamson defeated the Cherokees, nearby, at the “Black Hole,” Sept. 1776.

In the French and Indian War, the Cherokees defeated a colonial and British force from N.Y. under Colonel Montgomery near here, June, 1760.