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Medical maverick, radio and advertising pioneer, candidate for governor of Kansas. Boyhood home stood across the river.

First woman elected to N.C. Senate, 1930. Civic leader and clubwoman. Home was 50 yds. west.

Botanical and historical writer; horticulturist. Originated concept of a temperate "thermal belt." Home stood 1/5 mi. W.

Est. in 1925 by Olive D. Campbell and Marguerite Butler, who adapted the Danish folk school model to study of the region.

Founder of Western Carolina University & its president, 1889-1912, & 1920-1923. Lived 5 mi. N.

A founder & benefactor of Cullowhee Academy, forerunner of Western Carolina University. Lived 2 miles north.

White chief and agent of N.C. Cherokee. Secured reservation for them. Confederate colonel. State senator. Home, "Stekoih Fields," stood 1/4 mi. S.

Methodist. Maintained by Holston Conference for Cherokee c. 1840-1885. School established 1850. Missionary's house stands 50 yards north.

Philadelphia naturalist, author, exploring this area, met a Cherokee band led by their chief, Atakullakulla, in May 1776, near this spot.

The expedition led by Gen. Griffith Rutherford against the Cherokee, Sept., 1776, passed nearby, through Cowee Gap.