Will Summer

Director, NC Land and Water Fund

Will Summer is the Interim Director of the Division of Land and Water Stewardship and Interim Executive Director of the North Carolina Land and Water Fund (NCLWF – formerly known as the Clean Water Management Trust Fund).

He has served NCLWF for over 13 years in several roles including Deputy Director, Stewardship Program Manager, and Field Representative. Prior to joining NCLWF in 2008, he worked for International Paper and subsequently the NC Forest Service, studying riparian (streamside) buffers and their importance in protecting water quality during forest management activities.

He is originally from Georgia and holds a B.S. in Forest Environmental Resources and an M.S. in Forest Hydrology, both from the University of Georgia. It was his deep understanding and appreciation for the critical role that riparian buffers play in protecting our streams and rivers that first attracted him to the mission of the NCLWF.  It is the lasting benefits of conservation and restoration that keep him excited to come to work every day.