North Carolina State Historic Preservation Office

We are pleased to announce that the Historic Preservation Office has successfully transitioned to a new online platform. Our commitment to conserving and celebrating our diverse cultural heritage remains unwavering, and now, accessing essential resources, crucial forms, and informative materials has been streamlined for your convenience.

Please visit our new website:

Our enhanced online experience provides:

Resources: Explore an array of information regarding the National Register, restoration services and more. 

Forms & Documents: Easily access the required forms and documents for preservation-related applications and inquiries, simplifying your interactions with us.

Resources: Immerse yourself in a comprehensive collection of preservation guidelines, resources, and best practices tailored to various interests and expertise levels.

Up-to-date Information: Stay informed about the latest news, events, and initiatives within our office.

Connect with Us: Reach out to us via our custom contact form.

The process of enhancing our digital presence was a labor-intensive endeavor, driven by our commitment to better serve the preservation community, researchers, and public.

Kindly update your bookmarks and explore our new website at
Thank you for your continued support and dedication to preserving our past for the generations ahead.